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Hello you beautiful people !

Did you forget this little comm existed? *blows dust off everything*
I know I have been lagging... I'm just in a fog some of the time, still.
So - upcoming swaps, let me know your ideas! You can comment or PM me or whatever - I will throw in a couple of my own, put them all in a hat and draw one out! 
Hope everyone is doing fantastic...thanks for sticking around.


Aww well....

It sucks so much that I missed the last swap. I really want to be in the next one though. I've been moving so checking up on everything has been a major problem. I'm set now though and ready to swap! xD Can't wait for the next one.


4you_blue_jway it looks like me and you on this swap! Do you still have my address? 
Let's do this thing! :D

Finally, a new swap! Swap #7 sign ups!

Well...this time of year always greets me with little money, since the holidays have come and gone and it's before tax return time. So, in the spirit of such a time, we're going to do a swap on the cheap. Do you have extra Beatles stuff just laying around, that needs a good home? Have you been meaning to get creative with just a little money for the swaps? Well, this is the swap for you, then! 
This is meant to stretch your creativity, and your resourcefulness!  Draw a picture, make a mix CD, decoupage something, send off a book you've already read, whatever it is, do as much as you can with as little money as possible! 

(This photo has nothing to do with the swap, just wanted to post a photo of their butts. YAY!) 

1) Don't sign up if you're not going to send something. That's jerky!
2) Sign ups will stay open until Friday, Jan. 16. You can sign up just by responding to this post! :)
3) I'll post and send out your partner's info on Sat. Jan. 17
4) You will have until Sat. Feb. 7 to send out your swap.
5) Absolute drop dead date is Sat. Feb. 14 - but try your best to get it out by Feb. 7.

Sorry this is so very late, but I hope folks will participate! :)


Hi all! Did folks have some swap ideas they want to share? You can post as a comment to this if you want. We can backtrack and get to the Ringo swap we missed last year if you want...or wait until his birthday months.
Would you like to see more single songs? Or maybe item specific stuff, like a Beatles book swap, or a mix CD swap or something?

Happy new year to all!


Omg whoops!

Okay, I totally forgot what with the rush of the holidays and all to come on here and post that I got my package! I am so sorry Mizmojorisin! I love the DVD Beatles first trip to America! xD So cool, thank you so much!

Also much love and Merry Christmas to all in The Beatle swaps comm! Can't wait to see what comes out of this next year. xD

swap recieved! and short mod note

First, blut_kruez - got your packages today!! OMG SO MUCH LOVE!
I am now the proud owner of a beautiful Beatley painting/collage and The Beatles book by Bob Spitz, which I don't have yet, so THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! <3

Did you get yours? I had it sent from Amazon directly. :)

I just want to say thanks to all of you for making our little comm such a nice place to be. I am really sorry I didn't get as creative this year as the rest of you did, I hope that next year that will change.
I especially appreciate all your love and support during my shitty time of this year, it means so very much to me.
Much love,

Dec. 14th, 2008

Wow. Html is not my friend today.
Anyway, I got my present. It was Beatle cartoons! Thanks so much love_details ! =)
They're awesome.

I have pics of that and what I sent but I'll post them later.
Sorry if your f-lists freaked out or something for a minute there.

Dec. 12th, 2008

Hey 4you_blue_jway</lj> ! The UPS truck came yesterday but we weren't home but it came again today and I received your package! Of course, I opened it from the bottom so all I saw were the packing bubbley things. And I played with those for a while until I saw some bubble wrap :D

God, I LOVE your gift! It coordinates with my room and I actually needed something to keep little knick knacks in.
Thank-you SO much! It's beautiful, I love it.

Swap sent. xD

Well crap, took me forever to post. I totally forgot. I had to work so much this week. I sent mine out and it's in two peices. >.< Hope you get both. <3!


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