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Beatle-related packages, now with extra squee!
This is a community by and for Beatles fans. Every month (or so...) a Beatles related theme will be chosen, could be a single Beatle, an era in Beatle history, a song, an album, whatever. Anyone interested in creating a package based on that theme to send to another Beatles fan signs up for that round. You'll have a few weeks to get your package together and then, like magic, a Beatles related package will arrive in your mailbox. Sound like fun? Please read the rules (groan!) and join! :)

1. MOST IMPORTANT: Don't be a jerk. Do I have to explain this further? I hope not.
2. Love The Beatles. I mean, what are you doing here otherwise?
3. Be willing to ship internationally, as Beatle-love knows no borders.
4. Ship your packages by the date indicated in the sign up post. If you can't do a swap one month, THAT IS OKAY. Just do NOT sign up if you feel you can't do a swap.
5. Don't ship by that date? Okay, you sit out the next swap. I'll list an absolute "drop dead" date, so you can deal with any problems. Can't ship by then? You get booted. Sorry, but nobody should get screwed over on this. (I'm really not a horrible person. Serious issues will be dealt with if they arise)
6. Please use TRACKING if available, and ship AIR MAIL if sending internationally.
7. Problems? Issues? Questions? Complaints? Send 'em on in to beatlegirl007@sbcglobal.net


Please join the community and send an email to beatlegirl007@sbcglobal.net with the following info:

LJ Username:
Address (please include country):

Okay, got it. But what about these packages? What is supposed to go in them, anyway?

Well, there is of course loads of Beatles merchandise out there, and some of it is very nice - but don't think that's your only option. I don't want anyone to be afraid to join because of monetary issues. So, when the theme is announced, be creative! If the theme is "Ringo" you could send jellybeans, or a big gaudy ring, or drumsticks, or groovy sunglasses. If the theme is "Here Comes the Sun" you could send a box with a pretty sun on it, or a sunhat, or even an umbrella. You get the picture. Home made items and items related to your partner's OTHER interests are appreciated. Also, I'd like for folks to post a little introduction, which should give you a good idea of what they like and what they don't. It doesn't have to be expensive, but don't cheap out on it, either. Put some time and most especially LOVE into your package.

Can't think of what to say in your intro? Here are some questions to get you started:

fave Beatle:
Some of my favorite Beatles songs include: (since it's so hard to pick just one)
Fave Beatle solo work:
CD you've been listening to the most in the last 6 months:
Non-Beatles interests:
Please I don't need ANY MORE:
I think slash is: (NOTE: the mod here is slash-friendly, and so is this comm- HOWEVER - if slash offends you, please do not be afraid to say so, and please be respectful to both. If your partner is not slash-friendly, please do not send slash-related stuff to them.)

**THIS COMM IS NOT A PLACE FOR DEBATES even ones about The Beatles. Take it someplace else.

Also, please be patient with me, as this is the first community I have modded.
Be nice, have fun, and tell your (Beatle) friends!